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I Used DermaRoller System and Here is My Review!

Handheld derma roller tool to resurfaces skin and boosts the collagen for more youthful glowing skin has become quite common in last couple of years and many beauty enthusiasts are using it. However, due to needles being involved, many are still wary of dermarolling, also known as microneedling. I was one of them but when I was approached by the brand Dermaroller System and was asked to put their derma roller tool to the test, I took a plunge and for a first time entered into the dangerous zone of skin treatments. I am in my mid 30s folks so things are getting pretty serious and I’m willing to go to any extent (as long as it is safe). I used derma roller for three weeks and here are my thoughts.

First of all let’s talk about what is derma roller system and how it works.

To achieve a healthy glowy skin, it needs to be continually resurfaced with healthy cells. The derma roller system renews skin from inside out by using Collagen Induction Therapy (C.I.T). In this process hundreds of needles roll over the skin to open up pores temporarily and create trauma. In response to that it triggers body natural healing process to make new healthy tissues. After the derma roller treatment when any nourishing and potent skincare product is used, it absorbs into skin much better. Depending on a size of needle, these pores close completely in two hours through body natural healing process providing enough time for new collagen and elastin to form in the lower layers of skin. By triggering body natural healing process this way, skin constantly stimulates the production of collagen and elastin for healthy looking skin.

There are different sizes of needles used in derma roller system to treat different skin concern. The smallest needle can be 0.25mm and can go up to 2mm. Because skin renews itself after every 40 days, the desire results can take up to two to three months. However, clearer and smoother skin can be noticed after three to four weeks treatment.


What are my thoughts?

I went for 0.5mm needle to start my treatment which is the smallest needle. Since I never used such device on my skin before, so I played it safe. The derma roller tool has 200 medical - grade needles. I didn’t count them myself but that’s what I gathered from their website. The device came with set of clear instructions about how to use, clean and store.  

How I use it?

I treat my skin with device five days a week and give two days of rest to skin. It was also stated in instruction so I followed them accordingly. It is very important to use the derma roller according to the instruction if you are a new user to not damage or scratch skin. The procedure is very straight forward and doesn’t take much time so it’s easy to incorporate into daily skincare routine. Start with the clean dry skin. The instruction stated to place the device on skin and gently roll the derma roller on desire area four times downwards, four times in upwards direction, four times from left to right and four times right to left. Then four times diagonally to cover the entire area WITHOUT applying any extra pressure. This is enough rolling to stimulate collagen. But it is very important to use roller in one direction only at a time, not like a paint roller up and down motion. Always follow roll and lift action like roll from point A to point B then lift the derma roller, go back to point A and roll again. After repeating it for four times, then start from point B and roll towards point A.

I only use derma roller at night time although it can be used at day time as well but if you read my previous blogs, I always recommend taking such home treatments at night to prevent skin from photo sensitivity and also giving skin enough time to relax and repair. After every use, wash roller with hot water and place in rubbing alcohol for 30 minutes to disinfect. The air dry and store back in the provided cover.

Does it hurt?

When the kit arrived at my door step, it stayed in the packaging for more than a week. I was too scared to actually roll those needles on my face. It’s not very vicious looking tool because it’s tiny however those needles looked very prickly. I was prepared for some sort of pain. But to my surprise, it was not painful whatsoever. I almost got tempted to actually press the roller harder into the skin. DO NOT DO IT. Let the roller work. I realise that everyone has different tolerance level of pain. It can be mildly uncomfortable and depending on the skin sensitivity, it can leave skin slightly red and peeling can happen. But with 0.5mm needle there is nothing much to be worry about.

Did I achieve the desire results?

My main concern was pigmentation on my skin and to treat some fine lines which are becoming more visible, thanks to the aging process. So the answer is, not there yet. My pigmentation is still there and so are the fine lines. Because 0.5mm needle is very tiny and does not dig deep enough into skin to actually create any serious trauma but just open up pores for product to absorb deep into skin. But this is also true that I used derma roller only for three weeks. In order to achieve the desire results, I need to carry it on for more than two months for visible signs of regeneration and repair.

Will I be using it again?

The answer is, yes. I will be using derma roller, because it helps my skincare to work harder. Any serum after derma roller disappears into skin like it is no one business. I did not want to give positive review as a result of placebo effect so I took a break from derma roller to compare the results. I noticed some improvement in my skin. It looks visibly smoother and laugh lines are slightly softer. My skin pigmentation is also improved because I used vitamin C serum after every derma roller treatment; I believe the results are more promising rather than using serum alone. I didn’t experience any peeling while using derma roller, just a couple of dry patches on my nose and forehead and when I took a break from derma roller, they went away in couple of days.

Final verdict:

Derma roller is one of those devices which once incorporated into routine; it almost makes you addicted to it. The fact that I went for 0.5mm needle, it only make products work harder which is a good thing and in a long run can improve pigmentation and slower the process of deep lines formation by increasing the blood supply and collagen production. If the desire results are to treat deep wrinkle or old scars then a much bigger needles are needed like 1.0mm and 2.0mm to actually create a pin point deep tissue trauma where skin bleeds which can be painful and usually needs a numbing cream to apply before the treatment. If I ever wish to go for bigger needle, I will rather go to the professional for the first treatment. For now, I am comfortable with 0.5mm needles.

*Disclaimer: This article contains PR samples and is paid post. However all views are my own.

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