Monday, 17 September 2018

What Was In My Baby's Hospital Bag

And what we actually used

This post is so late that it is sheer embarrassment to put it online. My little nugget is nearly five months old. But I decided to publish this post anyway. There are two reasons; One, as I took photos for the post already, right before leaving for hospital. Second, I read numerous blog posts and watched many videos about what to pack in hospital bag which were years old and found them helpful. So it means that no matter how old these posts are, they are always helpful for new parents as a reference guide.

Since I have been through the whole process, I can guide better what to pack for your little one. It was a nerve wrecking process for me. The more I researched, the more I was getting confuse. Some mums were over packer, for just in case situations and some had minimal approach. But they were mostly already mothers and were aware of the whole process. It was my first time and I wanted everything to go as smoothly as possible.


Let’s start with a bag. I didn’t go any fancy with it. I took a duffle/holdall bag which was lying already at home. It was lightweight and easy to carry. I took a suitcase for me which was not very convenient to drag around. If I go through this process again I will prefer holdall bag for me too.

Clothing Items

I made two sets of clothes for my baby girl. One set for hospital and one set of home coming outfits. I chose to bracket clothes in clear plastic bags for quick find. In hospital set, I packed four sleepsuits or overall and four babygrows/vests. Two sleepsuits and two vests were first size and other twos were 0-3 month size. I also packed Aden & Anais towel for her first bath, scratch mittens and two hats in the same pack. We didn’t use mitten in the hospital because all new born overalls/sleepsuits comes with fold over sleeves. They were pretty useless for us. Sleepsuits came from Next and I highly recommend them. They didn't lose their shape even after several washes. I am also keeping the first size sleepsuits as a memorabilia.  

For homecoming outfits, I packed two dresses, one was first size and other was 0-3 month, along one cardigan. I also packed a pair of socks and cute Baby Converse booties to overload cuteness. I didn’t make a big baby so first size worked fine for her.

Nappies & Wipes

My hospital also provides four nappies but I didn’t use them because I decided to go for more natural and biodegradable option. So I packed about 20 Naty by Nature nappies. I am so glad that I made that decision. Since her birth she didn’t experience any nappy rash with them and they are good for environment too as these nappies don’t go in landfill. For wipes I went for an obvious choice of Waterwipes. From all the videos I watched, it was recommended to also pack cotton for cleaning baby as in some hospitals Midwives don’t encourage wipes on delicate skin. I took a pack but I found out that Midwives were rather comfortable using waterwipes because they are gentle on new born skin just like water. So if you are packing your hospital bags, don’t bother taking any cotton. I bought a big box of waterwipes as it works out cheaper than single pack.

Swaddle Blankets, Blanket & Muslin Clothes

I packed two muslin swaddle blankets, two muslin clothes and one regular knitted blanket. I got muslin swaddle blankets from Amazon. They are by Tiny Cozy and they are so soft and thick. They wash very well and are quite big. I still use them as a pram cover or just to use on floor anywhere we go to give my baby familiar surroundings. I got them in December and since then they were out of stock. They are just back in stock after six months, so better hurry. My LO loved to swaddle so they were handy. It is however a personal choice. Some people don’t like their babies to be swaddled but to young babies it gives the feeling of being in a womb and don’t startle them easily by their freely moving limbs. Also, it is easy to carry and hold them. Small muslin clothes are useful for any spills or spits. Babies are messy. I got them from Primark and they are surprisingly very soft. One regular knitted blanket is essential no matter how is the weather as new born needs to be kept warm. But you can select the thickness accordingly. I also kept a thicker blanket in car seat just in case it gets cold. But weather was very pleasant the day we were bringing our sugar plum home, so a cardigan and a knitted blanket worked fine. I got both blankets from TK Maxx (similar one here).

Bath & Body Products

Babies don’t really need any products for cleaning and bathing. Plain water works just fine. However I wanted to give my baby girl a proper bath so I took Kokoso body wash and coconut oil for body. I gave bath to my baby in hospital after 24 hrs of her birth as advised by midwife. Kokoso body wash was the purest product I could find without any nasty chemicals and it was gentle on her skin too.

Useful Tips
  • Pack your bags at least three weeks before due date.
  • Always wash new clothes and anything which comes in contact with your baby for a first time to avoid any rash. Use gentle and non-bio detergent.
  • I packed all related items in plastic bags to protect them from dust and for convenience. I or my husband didn’t dig around in bag for each item.
  • Always go through what you have packed for hospital with your partner or anyone who will be with you at that time, to avoid unnecessary hassle.
  • For emergency, also pack another small bag of similar things mostly nappies, wipes and sleepsuits and leave it at home or in car for a quick grab.

If you are about to become a parent and reading this, then congratulations and wish you best of luck for the big day. I hope you find my guide helpful.

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  1. A great resource for soon to be parents - I adore your blankets

  2. I was a terrible over packer and didn't use most of the things I packed. I packed much less the second time!