Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Toys & Child Development ft: Hape Battery Powered Engine Set

Using toys to entertain children is not a new world approach to keep little minds busy. It is as old as man. I have seen toys made out of clay and mud, excavated from the ruins of world second ancient civilisation, Indus valley.  So, why the need of toys for kids even felt by mankind? It could be for the obvious reason to keep them busy while adults take on with their lives. However, I feel toys are miniature form of our world making it relevant to children.

Monday, 17 September 2018

What Was In My Baby's Hospital Bag

And what we actually used

This post is so late that it is sheer embarrassment to put it online. My little nugget is nearly five months old. But I decided to publish this post anyway. There are two reasons; One, as I took photos for the post already, right before leaving for hospital. Second, I read numerous blog posts and watched many videos about what to pack in hospital bag which were years old and found them helpful. So it means that no matter how old these posts are, they are always helpful for new parents as a reference guide.