Saturday, 14 July 2018

Tummy Time With Hape Baby Drum

My little one will be three months old soon and we are moving to stage where her body and limbs movements are more coordinated and neck and back muscles are getting stronger.
We are giving her plenty of tummy time on floor now and it makes us so proud parents watching her, trying to push her little chest and holding her head upright. She is very strong baby and we started giving her tummy time right after her birth. However she needs something to motivate her or she will lay there on floor sucking her hands. She mastered it recently to properly suck her fingers. As soon as we put her on her tummy, instantly she will put hand in her mouth and suck and will try to push her tiny bum up instead, while curling her legs to her chest.

Therefore either we will sit in front of her for face-to-face eye contact and make all sorts of noises for her attention to lift her head up while, pushing her arms against floor or a toy is needed.

Hape baby drum – available at SMYTHS – is such an excellent toy to help her in achieving this milestone. Hape baby drum is made of wood and has smooth round edges. Quality wise, it is very solid and sturdy toy with even finish. Although it is recommended for 6 months+ babies, we face no issue in using it under adult supervision. We put it in front of our LO – either roll it or beat it – and she will lift her head to look for the source of sound. Sometimes we don’t even play it but the bright colour circles drawn on drum also grab her attention.

Hape baby drum – when put down and roll on ground – makes funky drum melodies with incredible light show. When still, music stops automatically. It can be beaten as a normal drum and two bright spots on top make two different drum sounds. I am sure once she is old enough, she will love to play it to its full potential. Light show is also very subtle to not impair babies’ eye sight. It is just added feature to make this toy drum a bit more interesting. I will also add that as it is a drum, it can be a bit noisy sometimes. Perhaps, we feel it more as being new parents and not being around toys and babies for a long time.

As she is still young to have tummy time for longer sessions on hard surfaces, we put a rolled blanket under her arms and across her chest to prop up and lift. Because, when young babies are lying on their chest for long period of time, it can put pressure on their heart and lower their blood pressure. We can’t wait for the time when our LO will do her tummy time independently and will lift and turn her head by herself.

Disclaimer: This article contains PR sample, however, all views are of my own based on my experience. Everyone has their own approach towards babies’ upbringing. Kindly look for what works best for you or what you find beneficial for your babies.


  1. What a great toy! My cousins daughters 1st birthday is coming up so I might have to get her this! :-)

  2. Aww this is cute and insightful. I'm not a mother myself but it's always nice to see what other mothers are doing. A friend will be having a baby soon and it gives me an idea of what I can get for her x

    1. I recently became mum so I understand what you mean :). it will be a great gift for any baby.

  3. Oh I love this! I am a huge fan of Hape products and this one looks fab! I will recommend it to my friend with a baby!

  4. We love the Hape brand, they make such fab toys! This looks like such a great toy for your little one.

  5. Oh my gosh this brings back memories, I had something very similar when I was younger and loved it x

  6. What a cute colourful toy, this sounds great for encouraging development.

  7. We love Haps, such good quality age appropriate toys and this drum looks like a lot of fun

    Laura x

  8. I have seen lots of Hape posts at the moment, love that brand

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