Sunday, 8 July 2018

My Postnatal Skin Condition and Lancôme Advance Génifique Eye Cream to the Rescue

Throughout my first pregnancy, I enjoyed better skin days. My skin was behaving very well. I was very conservative when it came to skincare during pregnancy. I was drinking plenty of water and was using few basic skincare products. However, once I left hospital, my skin became horribly dry and patchy. Perhaps I consumed huge volume of gas and air which tends to suck all the moisture out of skin. Furthermore I had a terrible postnatal body rash which crept up to chin area.

All these factors made my skin so dry that no moisturiser was working, not even thicker heavier creams. I straight up went for Vaseline. Every night I would slather it all over my face and neck and next morning would woke up with super tight and super dry skin like a tree bark where I could barely move my mouth and neck. I would repeat the process of Vaseline application before leaving bed to start my day. So all in all it was a horror story.

With this skin condition, skin around my eyes was also dry and rough like a paper. It was even difficult to blink and felt like if I blink a bit harder it might tear my skin. And after any expression, my skin folds won’t relax back to its original state. I reckon I painted a good picture of my postnatal skin condition. As a proof, I am presenting a photo.

I was more concern about delicate skin around eyes. I was not ready for any pre-mature deep lines and Vaseline was causing Milia. Lancôme advanced génifique eye cream was a God sent. It made an entry at desperate times. I started using it generously all around my eyes three times a day. I was not stingy at all with application. And magically within three days, my under eyes skin was back to normal. The dryness and texture was gone and skin was smooth, bouncy and hydrated. It was a real test for this tiny pot of eye cream and it delivered. Its cream-in-gel formula glides on and absorbs in skin fast. It also provides a good base for concealer.

Lancôme advanced génifique youth activating eye cream has probiotics extract which is believe to strengthen skin’s barrier, firms, protects and restores from within. It helped to repair my beyond damage and rough skin. I have already gone through one pot and second one is almost half gone. Because taking care of tiny person is a hectic job and need to look awake and fresh after a sleepless night. Luckily I have a weapon in my arsenal.

15ml pot retails for £42 and available at Lancôme website and Debenhams in-store and online. 

Disclaimer: The review here is reflecting my thoughts only based on my experience. I always try to give my best opinion on every product I put to the test. It may not work the same for you. This post is not sponsored.


  1. I gave birth a few weeks ago and have noticed that my skin changed. Thanks for the tip, I will look out for this Lancome cream!

    1. Congratulation!!! Wish you a very happy time with your LO.

  2. OH wow, I've not used an eye cream but this sounds so food. I need to try this as my eyes are all yucky and need hydrating and softening up.

  3. This is such a great post especially for new mothers who experience drastic skin changes after giving birth. Loved the review

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