Saturday, 2 June 2018

Meet My Baby Girl

Yes!!!! I became a mum of an adorable baby girl. I have been waiting for this moment for a very long time and now I am holding a bundle of joy in my arms. It is surreal but it is definitely not a dream.
Many of you will already be aware of her birth if you follow my social media channels. I didn't announce my pregnancy anywhere because I wanted it that way. But it gives me an immense pleasure to introduce my baby girl today. MashaAllah

Wait! Let her introduce herself to you. Meanwhile I am going to spend this time kissing and cuddling her *read it like, mastering to do things with one hand*

Hello world, I am Mantasha. I was born on 18/4/2018 which makes me Aries, not that I know what are zodiac signs but it will be an ice breaker to get a bit social. I am looking forward to that in coming years because I love a good conversation and enjoy when my Baebaejaan (my mum) talks to me. Although, at the moment I only respond with a little coo or with surprised and wide open eyes and curled up mouth and being all charming, occasionally smile if I fancy, but will get there one day. Then she will respond with surprised and wide open eyes and I will talk.

Other than good talk, I drink milk and make poo. I am not a good sleeper and I absolutely hate my crib/cot.

I am blessed to have very caring and loving parents who are untiringly taking care of me. I am new to the world therefore I have no idea what other parents are like to their kids, I am sure they will be kind to their kids too, but I am loving all the attention. Therefore in my eyes they are super-parents. They cuddle & kiss and play with me. If all parents are like these two, then listen y’ll new arrivals, we are in for a real treat.

My Baebaejaan says when I grow up; we will be good friends and will do many things together. How adorable!!!  Someone breaks the news to her that between these two phases – me being tiny and me being sensible human– there will be some teenage years *muahahah*. Nah, I will be a good kid but seriously who knows. I am a moody little person. I will report back in ten years.

It is enough of me for today. It was lovely chatting with you. We will meet again soon.

Oh one thing more, my mum decided to share snippets and little adventures of her life being a new mum. And of course she is trying many new things so thought it will be a nice idea to share her experiences with the world. What is your opinion? Should she create a space for that or continue with her regular reviews. Kindly leave your answer below. It will be so lovely to hear your thoughts. Till next time… Bye


  1. She looks so beautiful and what a joy! Congrats Kaista and welcome to the world Mantasha.

  2. She’s gorgeous! Congratulations to you all and wishing you all the happiness on Earth with your little girl.

  3. Congratulations she's so cute!! You must be over the moon and pretty tired! I hear from all new mums it's a lot of work for such a small bundle of joy! Love the name!

    1. I never realised how tired I can be once this cutie arrived :)

  4. Congratulations and what a cracking introduction this was!

  5. Huge congratulations and welcome to the world of parenthood. She is beautiful

  6. MashAllah congratulations❤

  7. Congratulations! How adorable is she! Welcome to the wonderful world of motherhood. :)

  8. Aww! Congratulations. She is adorable. Welcome to the world little one and welcome to motherhood x