Friday, 8 June 2018

MAC "Get Ready for Suhoor" Tutorial| An Idea Far-fetched?

MAC cosmetics have uploaded a 30 seconds makeup tutorial on MAC Middle east Instagram and a full tutorial on YouTube, which is now deleted from YouTube, with the title “Get Ready for Suhoor” and Muslim twitter flipped out. Social media users trolled MAC to the max.

I am little late to the discussion but MAC got people talking. This ad is hilarious to western world customers although, it is not that far from reality. In video, basically MAC makeup artist is teaching how to get soft glam look using MAC eyes products. The look she created is soft bronzy/golden eyes with nude lips and is very appropriate for night time. I personally really liked it. The model looks gorgeous and makeup look is absolutely stunning. 

However, the discussion here is not about the look. It is the title and purpose of tutorial “Get Ready for Suhoor”. Those who are not aware of suhoor, it is a meal Muslims eat in Ramadan before starting their fast just before dawn. When I first saw the video, I chuckled too. Like how on earth someone can have this much time at suhoor to put such amount of makeup on. I can barely open my eyes and walk like a zombie. And especially during Ramadan at this time of year, living in west, people don’t even get enough time to eat at suhoor. By the time taraweeh are done, suhoor time is running out. Also there are no places which offer suhoor buffets or meals as far as I know; therefore this idea is incredibly strange and unconvincing for western Muslims.

Remembering the fact that Muslims in west are not the only customers, MAC has to look for other markets to target and sell their products. There are millions of Muslims across the globe in different time zones. As the video was uploaded on Middle East Instagram account, one can understand the theory behind the video. It is not that new concept in Muslim countries to go out for suhoor meals. I went out twice for suhoor. One time I was travelling with family and made a stop for suhoor. It was almost 20 years ago (gosh I am old) but to my surprise, I saw many people enjoying their suhoor meal and socialising in restaurant. Other time it was intentional. After iftar, I went out with my family and spend all night out, had a tasty suhoor meal and then returned home. However I didn’t glam up for the event. There are restaurants and cafes which only open at that particular time. So, as much as this idea far-fetched for west, it is pretty common practise in many Muslim countries. 

Perhaps instead of suhoor if MAC put iftar in title, folks would accept it more. But then what could be the chance of it getting this much attention. Isn’t it? As they say no publicity is bad publicity. What you reckon, was it a smart move by MAC or a bad marketing stunt? Share your thoughts.

*Disclaimer: These photos are not mine and I don’t own it. Photos are taken from MAC Middle East Instagram.

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