Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Travel Essentials and KITT Air Range Travel Pillow Review

I will make a confession before starting this post, that when it comes to packing for travelling, I am not a light packer. I need literally everything I own (in my head not in reality) when I am going away even for a day. My hand bag is always stuffed with “essentials” I believe my life depends on. I am an anxious traveller. However, as I became more frequent traveller, I learnt to narrow down my “essentials”. Not going to lie, such a short list gives me anxiety sometime but I try really hard now to stick to few items.

So today I am sharing few of my travel essentials with you. It is definitely not the ultimate list. I add other items all the time however, these items go with me everywhere, either on long haul flight or on road trip. I am always conscious about my skin due to the fact that my skin doesn’t cop very well with travelling. Therefore when I start my journey, I tie my hair, remove makeup and moisturise. A mini skincare routine makes my journey a bit more comfortable. I start with washing my face. I don’t trust using only micellar water. I need the reassurance of squeaky clean skin so face wash is important, followed by a hydrating toner. I avoid acid toners during journey. Then a good light weight moisturiser is what I need to lock all the goodness and hydrates my skin. A lip balm is must for me as I suffer from the worst dry lips. I usually keep a tinted lip balm as it serves two purposes, hydrate and also give a nice colour to lips. I repeat the routine at the end of journey before reaching to my destination. A little spritz of perfume doesn’t hurt anybody. Don’t forget to collect and keep products samples for travel. They are so handy and take no space in luggage. The products shown in photo are Elizabeth Arden skin balancing exfoliating cleanser and hydrating toner, Elemis super food day cream; Maybelline baby lips lip balm and Versace bright crystal perfume sample. My travel makeup bag is from Carvela by Kurt Geiger. It is available on Asos website in colour Pink. 

I am not a good sleeper too during travelling. I remain super awake and alert. Probably due to the fact, that I have travelled alone a lot and this trained me to be aware of my surrounding. But you can’t keep your head over shoulders for eight to ten hours. A good head support helps me to doze off when I have a travel companion. I recently got a chance to try out KITT air range travel pillow. 

It is super light weight and takes a little space in my handbag. It is an inflatable pillow which folds and fits in a pouch. I am so happy that it doesn’t take all my lungs air to inflate. Although it is not a memory foam pillow or filled with those squishy tiny balls, it provides a good support to neck in different positions.  Deflating is also easy. Press the little button and it goes back to its original state. A soft velvet cover feels luxurious against the skin. 

My seven years old nephew was so thrilled with the idea of blogging that he volunteered for photos. However, I will not recommend it for kids as side supports are quite big for tiny neck. A unique shape of KITT pillow allows it to use in different positions in any mode of transportation. It is such a great addition to my travel essential. KITT Air Range travel pillow is available on Amazon.

What are your travel essentials?

*Disclaimer: This article contains PR sample.  


  1. I used to travel and I truly needed these stuff. That pillow looks really great!

  2. I love seeing other people's travel essentials! Like you I love a good travel pillow too.

  3. That looks like an amazing travel pillow. I don't have one at the moment but we're thinking of going long haul over the summer so this would be very useful.

  4. That travel pillow looks so comfortable! We'll have to look out for some of these for when we go away later in the year.

  5. It looks a great pillow - I am learning to pack lighter the more I travel! Kaz

  6. The pillow looks really fantastic! I can actually sleep really easily when travelling, but I do often strain my neck and back by falling asleep uncomfortably, so I could really do with this!

  7. That neck pillow looks so comfy, and the travel kit really covers all essentials that are needed.

  8. Noise cancelling headphones, a portable charger and an iPad are my travel essentials, but I love the look of the neck pillow x


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