Thursday, 5 October 2017

Zoeva Rose Gold Set Review

Zoeva brushes are my favourite brushes among high street brands, although Zoeva is not available at high street stores but price of brushes is about the same range. I personally prefer Zoeva brushes over Real Techniques initial basic brushes. I find RT brushes a bit expensive for what they are. And I am not talking about RT latest collections like their new PowderBleu collection, which are the incredibly soft brushes ever but are too expensive for a high street brand. 

Zoeva also increased their individual brushes prices a bit last year but their sets are still substantial value for price. I already own two Zoeva brushes, 105 Luxe highlight brush & 234 Luxe smoky shader brush. And I am very much enjoying them. Following them, I recently got Zoeva rose gold volume I set which contains eight brushes. It costed me £65 which breaks down to £8 for each brush. And the set comes in beautiful sturdy travelling bag for easy storage and carrying. I find this set very convenient and has a good collection of basic brushes for beginner or anyone who wants few newer brushes in collection. This set has all the essential brushes for face and eyes with a nice combination of natural and synthetic bristles. 

102 Silk Finish

Silk finish foundation brush is the one which led me to invest in this set because I needed a new foundation brush and Lisa Eldrige uses it all the time. Brush head is made of synthetic hair and is densely packed, making it suitable for both liquid and cream foundations. It is very soft and provides the coverage as I desire. I can sheer out foundation as much as I want. No wonder it is in Lisa’s kit. A nice dome shape of brush head makes liquid foundation application very pleasant.

106 Powder

I personally don’t like the shape of powder brush. The bush head has very long bristles which is good for setting foundation all over and sweeping the access product but sometimes it picks a bit more product than my liking because of less surface area and not being very fluffy. It is also not very ideal for bronzer as well. It will either sheer it out completely to the point where it is invisible or will be a bit blotchy. So I can safely say this is my least favourite brush from the set. I use it mainly with my Hourglass Dim Light powder for all over glow and it works better with that. 

127 Luxe Sheer Cheek

Luxe sheer cheek brush bristles are made of natural goat hair. It is very soft and perfectly angled for powder blush application. I absolutely love this brush because of brush head size. I don’t have huge cheek surface area so it fits perfectly on top of my cheek bone. It can be used for powder contouring as well due to shape and size of brush.

110 Face Shape

Face shape is the smaller version of silk finish, perfect for cream or liquid blush and contour products. I reach for this more than any other brush. I use it for concealer, foundation and cream blush. For me it is a multi-tasker and absolute winner.

227 Luxe Soft Definer

Luxe soft definer is a natural goat hair eyeshadow brush for all over application of powder or loose pigments/eyeshadow. It is super soft and blends product effortlessly into the crease. Because of a bit tapered head, it sits right into the crease and under the lower lash line.

142 Concealer Buffer

For precise blending of concealer under the eyes and around the nose, it is the perfect and most useful tool, hence the name. it is quite like the silk finish and face shape brushes in density and shape. It is their baby version. Nice tiny head fits in all corner and buffing the edges after spot concealing.

317 Wing Eyeliner

Another gem in this set is wing eyeliner. Nice sturdy yet soft synthetic bristles make the gel eyeliner a breeze. It gives nice crisp lines without being wobbly or scratching delicate eyelash area.

231 Luxe Petit Brush

One of my favourite brush from the set is luxe petit brush. It has pointy head which allows a very precise product placement. I personally love it for under the lower lash line smudging of eyeliner and eyeshadow. I always create a mess down there but this is such a lifesaver for me. And it is also made of soft goat hair.

Overall, I am quite happy with the set and I will recommend it to everyone. Zoeva had introduced many other versions too. There is also vegan version of this set and few other variations with different face brushes. Zoeva rose gold volume I is available on Beauty Bay website.


  1. I really do love Zoeva brushes, they're just so pretty to look at and they do cruelty free versions too! I agree about them being high street value, I wish they really would sell them on the high street!

  2. Oh I saw these on offer a while back but didn't know they did a vegan version! I never know what to do about brushes because I seem to have amassed a random collection from different brands. Would much prefer a full set like this!

  3. I have heard quite a bit about Zoeva brushes but never actually tried them myself, I love they are doing a vegan version and how gorgeous is the rose gold.

  4. Well while not for me or the cheetah,I can say that you wrote a nice review for Zoeva brushes and I am sure many of your readers will be checking them out

  5. oh I love these! I'm a huge fan of rose gold, for anything, and these are definitely beautiful looking brushes!!

  6. Those are some seriously nice looking brushes! They must be such a pleasure to use.

  7. Looks like a lovely set of brushes, and I'm happy to see there is a vegan set available.

  8. Ive never tried Zoeva but heard only good things about them so maybe time to take the plunge

  9. ive always wanted these as well as my daughter whos just screamed across the room saying i want those brushes mam