Monday, 23 October 2017

3INA All Eyes On You Collection

3INA added new products to their line and some of them are very exciting. I already reviewed some of their other products in my previous posts and I am very impressed by their quality for the price. 3INA cream metallic eyeshadow is my favourite cream eyeshadow by far.
Today I have some new eye makeup bits from 3INA to share with you.

The Eye Gloss in Shade 502

Glossy eyelids are the new makeup trend. I am seeing this trend everywhere from runways to streets. It is super easy to achieve and doesn’t need any practice other than a good reliable product which stay put and doesn’t bleed everywhere and ruin whole makeup look. 3INA eye gloss is shade 502 is a light peach gloss which transfers on skin almost clear gloss. It has thick sticky, glossy consistency like a lip gloss hence the name. It doesn’t dry out but what I notice that it stays put. I didn’t experience any bleeding or smudging of my other makeup. Although I will suggest opting for waterproof mascara to avoid any possible mess, because after all it is a wet product. I didn’t use any waterproof mascara and it worked fine for me. I love the applicator as well. It is a soft fibres applicator and is the best way to apply product on skin. 

The eye gloss can be used on own on bare skin or as a topper on another eyeshadow. I personally like it on bare skin for more effortless, chic and modern look. The eye gloss can be double as a face highlighter for dewy finish and as a lip gloss. No matter whichever way you use it, be sure to use tiny amount of product as a little amount goes a long way.

The Duo Eyeshadow 602

3INA eyeshadow duo come in a nice small compact. More than half of the duo is a shimmery white eyeshadow and about 1/3 product is matte muted red eyeshadow. Although both eyeshadows are in same pan however, both eyeshadows have very minimum fall out. But with time that cute pattern will be ruined which is a shame. Shimmery white eyeshadow is medium strength product and is super pigmented and shiny while red is a bit stiff and have good pigmentation.

Gel Eyeliner 803

803 is a matte sky-blue gel eyeliner which is a fun colour for a bit out of my comfort zone look. In my previous experiences with 3INA cream eye products, I was excited to try out their gel eyeliner. However, I am little disappointed with it. It could be the faulty pot other than product itself because 3INA cream eyeshadows are the bomb, so getting gel eyeliner wrong doesn’t make any sense. The product I got is a bit dry and crumbly. It didn’t apply as smoothly as I expected. It was long wearing though and didn’t smudge at all even with eye gloss. So, the longevity and colour payoff of the gel eyeliner is A+ for me. 

The Eyebrow Kit in Shade 400

The eyebrow kit is a nice small compact with all the essentials for neat eyebrows. Kit contains one powder eyebrow product and one gel product to fill any gaps in eyebrows. It also contains a tiny tweezers to pluck any stray hair and comes with two tiny brushes. I am not very convinced by the tools, so I prefer my Zoeva angle brush to fill in my eyebrows and my own tweezers.

3INA products are available at Asos and 3INA website.

Disclaimer*This article contains PR sample. 


  1. These are definitely my kind of shades. I generally prefer very light or nude makeup and these colours look really appealing.


  2. I have never heard of eyeglass before but it does look like a nice sweep of colour x

  3. 3ina always have a fab range of products, I love the colours in these eye products x

  4. I am a huge fan of 3ina and the cream eyeshadows are amazing x

  5. I haven't heard of this brand - I love the look of the eyebrow palette especially. Kaz x

  6. I love the packaging, they all look so good! x

  7. Love the look of that eye gloss, I used to use Vaseline to give my eyelids a little sheen, it's nice to add a bit of colour into the mix though!

  8. I haven't heard of eye gloss before, but will have to try it out. I love easy to apply make up

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