Saturday, 19 August 2017

3INA Bestsellers Review

Today I have some more products from 3INA cosmetics which are BESTSELLERS. I already reviewed their UV collection which was unique and fun collection. This time I got three bestsellers from the brand, a highlighter in shade 201, liquid lipstick in shade 503 and cream eyeshadow in shade number 313.
The packaging of all products is quite simple and neat. Although 3INA don’t really name products, just number the shades but the boxes have corresponding shade strip on top to give the idea of shade so you don’t feel completely lost while selecting favourite shade. Let’s get into the review now.

The Longwear Lipstick Shade # 503

3INA longwear lipstick is a beautiful shade liquid lipstick with silky matte finish. I am not a massive fan of liquid lipsticks because of their drying properties. But this has more of a gloss feel which dries down to opaque matte lipstick. What I like about the formula is, that is in not drying like other liquid lipsticks where you feel that your lips will fall out. This lipstick has quite gummy and stretchy feel which allows your lips to move freely. It does set in lines and I have lines in my lips, which I don’t find cute. But I don’t consider it product fault. That is the main reason I stay from liquid lipsticks. The longwear lipstick is quite long wearing and long-lasting, hence the name. I love the shade as well. It is a beautiful deep pink shade with a hint of brown. (Price £7.95 - £8)  

The Highlighter Shade # 201

3ina highlighter 201 review

This is such a beautiful rose gold highlight with extreme shine. The highlighter itself feels a bit scratchy and rough in pan but it transfers as the most gorgeous and supremely glowing highlighter. It doesn’t have any big chunks of glitters. Just stunning fine powder. Being a stiff product, a brush can’t pick a lot of product in one swipe. But it is a buildable product and you don’t need to be worried about getting too much on face. It blends very easily for natural radiant glow and has a zero fall out, means it will give a good run for your money. And it is also not too expensive to start with. (Price £10.95 - £11)

The Cream Eyeshadow Shade # 313

3ina cream eyeshadow 313

I don’t know how to start my review for this. All I can say is, this product is made by angels. It is extremely shiny, extremely pigmented, extremely long wearing and super creamy. It is a makeup junkie dream enclosed in a pot. I am very impressed with 3INA cream eyeshadows. In my previous 3INA post, I reviewed their matte cream eyeshadow and I really liked the longwearing formula. But in metallic form, it is exceeding expectation. I love cream eyeshadows. I love the ease of application. Just throw one eyeshadow on eyelid and blend the edges, put on some mascara and you are done. I am a one eyeshadow person and this is perfect for me to get a bit of drama, diverting from my normal boring routine, without much efforts. The cream eyeshadow has soft whipped cream consistency. It applies very nicely on eyelid with brush, without skipping or any bald spots. It dries down super quick and is transfer proof. I seriously have nothing negative to say about this eyeshadow. It is a gorgeous product and comes in few stunning shades. (Price £8.95 - £9)

3INA bestsellers are available on their website, Selfridges and Asos. But I will must say, the online shade names and descriptions are quite confusing specially on Asos website where the lipstick shade 503 is described as beige, which is clearly not beige at least not on me. What are your thoughts on 3INA bestsellers? Comment below which product will you get? My favourite is clearly the cream eyeshadow and then highlighter. If you want to see all products on my face, check my Instagram post

Disclaimer*This article contains PR sample. The review here is reflecting my thoughts only based on my experience. I always try to give my best opinion on every product I use.


  1. The UV collection looks amazing and totally up my street. I am currently looking into new highlighters so this sounds like a must for me! Thanks for the great review :)

    Liv //

  2. Made by angels, I love that description. I haven't used these before but I'm going to Selfridges on Thursday so I will have a look for them

  3. I love the look of that cream eyeshadow, definitely the kind of product I'd love to have in my make up collection x

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  6. I love the colours, looks like a really nice range. will need to check it out when I go shopping.Its always good to see positive recommendations.

  7. Some beautiful colours here. A very clear review with good photos.

  8. Beautiful products and nice review

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