Sunday, 14 August 2016

Stella McCartney POP Review

Welcome Everyone and say hello to a new addition in my fragrance collection, Stella McCartney POP Eau De Perfum.Pop is newly launched perfume by Stella McCartney and the targeted audience are young, energetic and living life in every moment, girls.
There are very specific scents which I love. I don’t like too sweet and too floral perfumes and I also don’t fancy very warm notes either. Although I am developing some taste for a bit deep scents but I still gravitate to crisp, clean and fresh notes. When I sprayed POP for a first time I instantly fell in love with it. I rarely like perfumes in a first sniff.

If I could get this fragrance ten years ago, it would be my signature scent. It is very balance and a good mixture of fresh-floral scents with soft woody note. It is like me in a bottle. It is light, airy yet have extra something, something.

Opening notes are tomato leaves, violet leaves and green mandarin. I didn’t figure out these notes from the spritz of perfume really. Because these are very unusual scents but if you love the smell of greenery then you can pick the green notes otherwise you will wonder what it can be?

The heart of the perfume is tuberose and that is my favourite flower. Tuberose used to be in my room in summer back in Pakistan most of the time. It really makes hot summery days rather pleasant. And may be that was the reason POP swept me away. Fragrances have the tendency to take you back to a memory lane though. Sandalwood is another settling note, which gives this perfume a warmth and a bit grown up, earthy feel. 

I can describe this perfume in a way that imagine all the scents of greenery, wet tree barks and sweet smell of tuberose in the cool summer evening, after watering the plants in the garden. A bit earthy, a bit sweet with a hint of cooling fresh notes. 

Not to mention the bottle is also very edgy with oversized pink metallic polka dot as an atomiser, perfect for vanity. If you are looking for a new perfume for yourself or as a gift to any young person in your life, I highly recommend Stella McCartney POP.

It is available at Debenhams and 50 ml retails for £54.

In the memory of my brother


  1. This sounds amazing, love the review :)

  2. It does sound very youthful and fun. I need to go get a whiff of it haha, x

  3. Really thorough review, sounds so good! Not a perfume kind of girl myself but I know friends and family would love this as a gift.

    Abi ~

    1. I hope your friends and family appreciate it as well.

  4. wow this post was really helpful i too love tube roses.
    would love to c u back on my blog

    1. Tube rose is my fav. I can't find them here in UK.

  5. This so cute and a must have! Thanks for sharing :)