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Tag Post: 11 Things You Don't Know About Me

Hello Everyone…

I am back with another TAG post “11 things you don’t know about me”. I was tagged by one of the sweetest beauty blogger I have ever known Bia. Go and check her blog The Beauty Finds. She has incredible blog to satisfy all your beauty cravings. Plus, read her responses to the TAG and know little bit more about her. Now it’s my turn. Therefore let’s jump to the questions she asked and the responses I gave. Happy reading!!

If you have an option to wear a certain makeup product/brand PERMANENTLY on your face, what would that be?
If I have to choose certain product then it will be any lip product. For the brand I will happily go with Hourglass or Laura Mercier.

Which local or international celebrity carries ‘your’ fashion & beauty style?
Hmmm, no one actually; I like many celebrities and how they carry themselves but I don’t see them carrying my style. I usually don’t take much risks with fashion however; I sometimes take the wackiest trend and transform it to my liking so it looks trendy but not overt the top. Therefore I can’t pin point only one celebrity.  I am unique in my way ;) not weird though.

If you could get a chance to meet some historical or family figure in a dream, what would you do/say?
Believe me there are so many people I want to meet and get the facts straight. But let settle today with Leonardo Da Vinci. I want to ask this man “Dude, what is with this Mona Lisa smile mystery?” Let me tell you something I came to know a while ago about the Mona Lisa picture that It can be a portrait of a man. Say whaaat? People are getting crazy here. I need to meet this man pronto.

Share one trait/habit/achievement of yours that you are immensely proud of?
My biggest achievement is what came to me out of the blue. I was awarded by my college at the very last day, for bringing two trophies home from a provincial level Science and Cultural fair. I was really touched by this gesture and it added an extra inch in my petite stature :p

If you could eliminate certain beauty habit or trend from the world, what would that be?
Over lining lips or those Duck lips. This trend makes me cringe sometimes when it really gets out of hands. They look so unnatural and fake and carry so “wanna be” vibe which is not cool at all.

What beauty product never worked for you, yet everybody else raves about it?
Estee Double wear foundation, Bare Mineral powder foundation and Rimmel stay matte powder. Bought them, used them, didn't like them, used them again, still didn't like them, finally returned them or sold them. I felt my skin was not breathing after applying any of these products. They looked cakey and felt heavy on my skin. Or maybe I don’t know how to use them properly. Either way I am not repurchasing any of these no matter how much hype they get.

What is the cheapest Holy Grail product of yours?
Rimmel Scandaleyes eyeliners both in colour black and nude are my holy-grail products in terms of makeup. For skincare I will go with my oldie goldie Norangi Ubtan.

What beauty habit of your mother/grandmother has been passed on to you?
A full skin care routine during travelling from my mother and to keep my skin moisturise no matter what from my grandmother. My grandmother would put anything on her skin, like literally anything as long as it is moisturising.

What career or life aspirations from your childhood were so absurd that you laugh on them now?
When I was a kid, I was obsessed with fairy tales and let me confess that I am still obsessed with them. So, I always dreamt to be a witch or fairy one day. But like Glinda the Good Witch not Evil Queen, obviously. The question is do I laugh about it now? Ummm not really no, I secretly wish till date to be a fairy someday. One day in my junior school I acted in a stage act as a firefly and I wore very shimmery golden black dress. I was so happy. I considered myself as a fairy and was flapping my hand and arms, walking with little hops for whole day in that dress. I often laugh about it though. That was cute of me back then *batting lashes*

What is the best/most favourite act of charity for you?
Charity is very sacred act near me. Any form of it is favourable as long as it is bringing change in the life of a less fortunate.

What is the dark-side of beauty blogging?
In my opinion the darkest side of blogging is entitling oneself for free stuff from companies. I have seen bloggers how they trash companies for not getting what they desire and use social media extensively to blackmail them. Blogging is like any other business. You can’t get profit until unless you invest. Correct me if I am wrong my dear friends.

So that’s it for today’s tag post folks. I hope you have enjoyed it. I always find it very interesting to express what I feel and share a little bit of my personality now and then through my posts. I will thank Bia for giving me this opportunity via this tag.

Now I am tagging;

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Ladies, all you have to do is answer my 11 asked questions and link back to my blog in your posts.

  1. What is your biggest pet peeve?
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  3. What is your favourite beauty tool?
  4. Do you have virgin hair?
  5. When were you embarrassed last time and how embarrassing was the situation
  6. What is your hidden talent?
  7. Describe your perfect day out.
  8. How good were you at maths?
  9. Answer in 2 sec. Look at your right. Describe the first thing you see.
  10. What season you always look forward to?
  11. Are you a morning person?

I am looking forward to your posts beautiful ladies. Have fun & Cheers <3

In the memory of my brother


  1. Madeeha! You cute fairy ;-) This definitely makes me know you better :-* I love how you have been absolutely genuine with all the response. Damn, I hate overdrawen duck lips and OTT contouring. Makes me hate youtubers and instagrammers :/
    It needs to stop!
    You're one of the sweetest bloggers I have met as well. Thanks for all the respect and love <3

  2. Loved reading your answers, it is always fun to know more about pretty ladies behind the blog. Thank you so much for tag, would love to do it :)

  3. Enjoyed reading all of your answers... Thanks for tagging me. Would love to answer all these questions soon IA

  4. It was really nice knowing more about you and I am certainly curious about that Mona Lisa thing-y!

    Chaste & Beautiful