Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Infallible Mattifying Base | L’Oréal INFALLIBLE RANGE

L’Oréal has released a whole lot of new products this year to add to their “Infallible” line. Two foundations (satin and matte), face primer, nail polishes, lip liners, eyeliners and lip products. I picked three products from this line. Infallible mattifying base, Infallible 24H matte foundation and Infallible Mega lip gloss.

But Today, I will be reviewing only the mattifying base.

Infallible primer comes in squeezable tubes with nozzle. The packaging is sleek and looks nice. The tube is transparent in the middle and a product can be seen. So you know how much product has been actually used. The mattifying base tube has glossy finish. At the back of tube, clear and easy instructions of application are printed which can be very helpful.

This Primer is a transparent; silicon based product which smooth on skin nicely. The texture is not lumpy or tacky. It doesn't fill in open pores nor make them disappear but kind of blur them out. It instantly mattify skin, smooth out any flakiness or dry patches and provides a good base for foundation.

I tried this primer with Infallible foundation and without it as well. I got this primer before the foundation and I was using it under my Bourjois CC cream (review here). With cc cream, it kept my face oil free for couple of hours. But CC cream has a very hydrating formula so I needed a little touch up after that time period. It didn't leave my face completely shine free. However, my face was less oily and shiny than normal. This primer kept my foundation in place all day long. For that I love it. 

My experience on this primer with Infallible 24H matte foundation will be discussed in my next post where I will be telling you all about the Infalliable 24H mattifying foundation. So keep watching this space for that.

If you are allergic by any means to silicon or you get block pores easily then you may want to avoid it. I don’t have any problem in particular with silicon based cosmetics so I am fine with it. However, at the end of the day a good cleansing of face is must.

Removing this base can be slightly annoying. When I was cleansing my face using Liz Earl skin polish, I felt it like a glue layer sitting on top of my skin which is definitely not a very pleasant sensation. I had to put a tad more pressure to remove it properly especially around nose area. Other than that it is a nice little product for the price tag.

It is currently available online on Superdrug website and Superdrug and Boots stores. I hope you have enjoyed the review. Keep checking my blog as I will be reviewing the foundation and lip gloss soon.

Much love <3

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  1. I must give this a try as MUA has discontinued its Matte primer and I can't find anything like it.

  2. This sounds good !! My fav primer has to be benefit porefessional but i need to give this one a try =D !!
    Nice review =)
    Much Love xx

  3. I did swatch and try the product range in store but i didnt like it much.Great review .I will be looking forward to the next post :)

  4. I feel like all these primers perform the same and keep wondering if the expensive ones arw worth it. Great review :) -Sadaf

  5. I have still to try this range. I think this primer would be OK for normal to dry skin but for oily need some thing special. Nice review :)

  6. Sounds like a great primer for those with oily skin. Thanks for sharing :)

  7. It looks like promising, though i am not a primer person, but will try this one :)

  8. Sounds like a good primer for normal to combination skin. Must give it a try now :)

  9. I haven't try this loreal range but this primer sound amazing to try....
    thanks for sharing

  10. Ok I am loving this :) O My Next buy list
    Maliha Rao / Red Alice Rao

  11. Thank you all for liking this post <3

  12. I bought this combo from superdrug. That whole set contain of- primer, foundation, setting spray and blender. I love this primer most. This is so good for oily skin and lasts so long! Also, this makes skin super smooth! I got this set while doing my makeup lesson by expert course.