Sunday, 25 January 2015

Nazia Hassan & The Balm Story

Once upon a time….
                                                   …. there was a girl who had passion for hydrating tinted lip balms and 80’s pop queen Nazia Hassan songs. She used to mix her ordinary balms with lip liner to get beautiful smooth, shiny, fresh and effortless yet chic look while singing out loud Nazia Hassan songs. That’s was her “thing” back in her glorious university days.

Dil mera ye kehta hai tum meray ho
Tum ho jahan, tum meray ho
Aay Janay jaan, tum meray ho”

She was not a lip gloss person. She didn’t like that sticky, heavy feeling on lips. For that reason tinted balms were her new friends and she was digging a lot for them. She loved the idea of hydrating tinted balm and they were also easy to use. And she is still carrying her legacy…. ;) but now there are products which make her life easier.

Pucha hai mai nay tu baharon say
Sunti hun hanseen nazaaron say
Nadyon say behtay jharno k dhaaro say
Meray ho ahan ahan ahanha meray ho”

When Benefit released their lip balms accompanying their world famous tints she was so intrigued to try them out but was not sure to spend hefty amount of money only on a balm which costs £14.50 each. To satisfy her cravings, she read almost every review and watched every video available online about these balms. The more she searched, the more she fell in love with.

On one gloomy evening of Britain winters, her prayers were heard and the magic happened.

Through bargain price and some store credit she managed to secure two most stunning balms with travel size tints only for £12. Now that was a real bargain not to be missed. The moment that girl saw them, her eyes twinkled. Her heart skipped a beat and she hummed…

Meray ho, ahan ahan ahanha meray ho”

She  would stare to the lip balms for hours. She had never seen anything so beautifully packed.

Cutest  packaging ever…. hands down

Her  dream products came in glistening tin tubes with pretty pattern. Bene balm had cute polka dots and lolli balm had beautiful floral pattern. The cap closed securely with a snap.

Next  morning she sat in front of her dressing table with her heart racing like a child. Very carefully she opened the box and applied lip balm with very high hopes on her lips. Texture of balms was very smooth and silky almost like butter on lips. They glided on her pucker effortlessly like a dream. They felt plush and cushiony on lips and not heavy or sticky at all. Mango butter and sodium hyaluoronate hydrated lips with a burst of moisture the moment balm kissed her lips. 

Bene Balm

Lolli balm

Dekha hai khabon kay jazeeron mai
Parthi hun hatoon ke lakiron mai
Bandha hai ulfat ke methi zanjeeron mai
Meray ho ahan ahan ahanha meray ho”

The fragrances of Benefit balms had caressed her senses and transported her to a dreamland. The subtle rose scent of bene balm was sensual, perfect to embrace femininity. And fruity scent of lolli balm was impeccable to keep the young soul alive.

Sheer tint of balm was enhancing her complexion and boosting her confidence. She was all set to conquer the world with her new friends.

There were days when she wanted statement making lips. Hence, she would apply the corresponding tints underneath the balms for full impact. Rosy, glossy, flirty pout

Bene Balm with Benetint underneath

Lolli balm with Lollitint underneath

But  there was one thing which she noticed after first application. 
The  glossiness of balms disappeared after sometime. And all she left with tinge of colour. It needed reapplication throughout a day. But hey, with the tube so gorgeous and eye-catching, the free soul was reapplying it happily all the time.

They would be staying with her forever because her connection with Benefit balms was getting stronger with every passing moment. Benefit balms came in her life like sunshine, filled her life with array of colours and joy…. 

….and she lived
Ever after

In the memory of my brother


  1. Benetint is a beautiful shade. Love the way you wrote this post :)

  2. Really interesting post, both shades are beautiful :)

  3. Love reading your post :D Such a fun post and no doubt nazia is one of my fav singer too :)

  4. benetint looks really pretty and the packaging is damn cute :)

  5. I love nazia hassan and the balms are lovely :)

  6. This was such an interesting post to read madeeha.the sheer texture of the balms looks amazing!

  7. The title got me intrigued! :) Benefit balms sound amazing! ;) x

    Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  8. it was more like reading a fairy tale then a product review :) loved your style and lovely balms :)

    1. That was the whole idea of this post. Thank you for appreciation :)

  9. Now this is something unique :) Awesomely written :)

  10. love ur post dear thanks for sharing ..
    do visit my blog dear

  11. I felt like I was reading a fairytale. Unique review loved reading it ! And benebalm looks gorgeous <3 .
    Much love xx

    1. Thank you Bakhtawar. After a very long time saw your comment. It felt very nice. <3

  12. Ah I am in love with Bene Balm. Looks amazing on you! x

  13. Such an interesting post and very well written. I am loving the benebalm. Thanks for sharing :)

  14. This is such a nice post. review and a little story telling :) Nice
    Maliha Rao / Red Alice

  15. quite an interesting post.. bene balm is so pretty on you

  16. This post, I tell you, is my favorite among all that I have read at your blog! Even though I am a lazy commenter, I do follow up every once in a while ^_^ How you explained your love for Nazia Hassan and lip balms had me smile through the text the whole time :) Write more fairytales for us, please! :)
    Love Benetint & Benebalm on you. These tints were my first high end product :) I didn't know what they're worth at that time, but loved using them in my college days :)

    1. Aww Bia, *Hugs*.. You are a darling. Thank you sooo much for taking out time and writing such a long comment. I am touched, Love <3

  17. Amazing prose. I mean buddy i couldn't help smiling at the end. Spot on swatches and Nazia Hassan was one gorgeous lady. Btw I'm a new Pakistani beauty blogger. it will be nice if you will visit my blog. thanks:)

    1. Thank you for lovely words dear. Your blog is amazing.

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