Saturday, 6 December 2014

Winter Cleaning

Winter is here and it is time to do winter cleaning. Toss some empty products, chuck out old and used to death cosmetics and change my skin care regime, more suitable for colder weather.

In nut shell making room for new products to accommodate in the house J I am not compulsive shopper by any mean though.


House of Etude face powder; colour doesn't match my skin tone, looks cakey

CK gel eyeliner; total waste of money

Christine lipsticks; too old to be used

Rivaj eyeliner; smudges like crazy

BarryM Blink Precision eyeliner; always irritate my eyes really bad

UD primer potion (deluxe size); loved it, used it, empty

Skin Care:

Nanoderm whitening cream; liked it, emptied

Unitone 4 reveal serum; not sure about this serum, empty bottle

Glutamax; work well with Nanoderm

I was big on skin care last summer because of my pigmentation problem which triggers in summer due to heat and sun exposure.  Tried some new products recommended by dermatologist. Now it’s time to take a break. Although pigmentation needs care all year round but I believe some light serum will work fine, as there will be minimum exposure to the sun.

Face & Body Products:

Freeman Superfruit peel off mask; cooling, refreshing and nice smelling mask, emptied

TBS Satsuma Puree body lotion; best body lotion for summer, sink into skin instantly, light, non-sticky and not to be forgotten, smells amazing, empty bottle

TBS Hemp Hand Protection; the most annoying smell, the best of the best hand cream, emptied

Nivea Soft; nice product for a little intense moisturising especially for feet, empty tub


In the memory of my brother


  1. Yes this is what I was doing last month.. Cleaning my wardrobe and switching my skincare products.. Nice post :)

    1. Isn't it exciting, throwing all the old stuff... :D

  2. I really need to clean up a bit. Thankx for sharing.

  3. I want to try a Freeman mask soon. I have heard they are really good

  4. i really want to try etude products :)

    1. I love Etude products. Especially there foundations are brilliant for hot and humid weather

  5. Its Great too have the sense of letting go. I Just can't throw away things .. emotional attachment.

  6. Ohhhh you live in Leicester! ! My brother lives there too

  7. Cleaning is really important to make space for new things :)

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