Monday, 22 December 2014

Well Beeing Facial Cleansers

Few weeks back, I wrote a post about Well Beeing products launch and first impression. Now I believe it is time to write in-depth review. In this post I will be writing about Well Beeing facial cleansers.

When it comes to the art of face cleansing, I personally believe less is more. I love the idea of adding ingredients which you can pronounce easily and understand without any brainstorming. Which also don’t have any side effects and cleanse face without turning it into desert.

I got three cleansers from Well Beeing, bee glam, bee glitzy and bee clean. All cleansers are packed with 100% natural ingredients and essential oils, without any preservatives, water, artificial colours and fragrances and parabans.

Before going into deep review, I want to clarify few things here about Well Beeing facial cleansers. These are not makeup removers at all but basic cleansers which cleanse skin without stripping natural oils. They are suitable for everyday use and great for morning skin care regime after cleansing your face at night properly from all the makeup. And also, they are great alternate of chemically developed face washes. These can be used as a second step of double cleansing to wash off any traces of makeup and oil left on skin.

Another point to be noted that WellBeeing does not promise to target any skin condition so it’s better to consult dermatologist for  specific needs like acne or any other skin condition.

They may not give instant result or may not be able to impress you in first attempt due to the fact that these cleansers don’t carry any chemicals and are natural; mainly plant based which may take time to show the results.

Now without further ado, let’s proceed.

Bee clean

Bee clean is design to target an oily skin. It is Kaolin clay based cleanser suitable for everyday use. According to ingredient list, it contains blend of essential oils of juniper berry, lemon grass and peppermint oil. It also has sucrose, which helps in gentle exfoliation.

I did a first impression post about this particular cleanser (you can read it here) and I believe there is nothing much to add in. It cleanses, exfoliates and mattify skin perfectly.

Instantly brighten the complexion and gives squeaky clean skin

Bee Glitzy

Bee glitzy is more for normal skin. Again, it has kaolin clay, ground almonds and lavender essential oils.

Ground almonds exfoliate skin in a very gentle way while moisturising skin at a same time. It does not really dry out skin but moisturise where needed while removing oil from T-zone area.

The reason why I got this cleanser was, I thought it might work for me in winter season when skin feels a bit tight and dehydrated but I felt, it is quite rich for my liking.

Bee Glam

This is my favourite cleanser in the bunch. The only ingredient I found from the information given about Bee Galm is Sandalwood, which helps in reducing the pore size. But I can also see some oatmeal particles as well. It is more suitable for combination skin. 

I use it fairly on regular bases and it is working fine for me, if not wonders. It is great everyday cleanser not harsh at all. You need to take a pea size in palm, mix with water to make a paste and cleanse your face with it.

Overall I liked these cleansers for the fact that they fall in my list of gentle exfoliating products. I never liked those gritty scrubs which are so harsh and can possibly give broken capillaries after prolong use.

I hope you find this review helpful. Share your thoughts if you used any of these products


Disclaimer: All the views here are my own. It is not a paid post

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