Saturday, 13 December 2014

Stroll In a City... A Day With Me

It was mid-week and I pretty much had nothing to do. Thus decided to have a stroll in a city, look around, chill and spend some time with my most favourite person on planet earth, and who is that??? Of course ME!!!

I started my day with a healthy and tasty breakfast. Croissant, omelette and orange-mango juice. Yummy Now I feel hungry again L

A little reminder to myself every day on my refrigerator, Oh yeahh!!!

My morning skin care 

Star products of the day

Quick outfit of the day

My suit is from Gulahmed winter collection and coat is from Old Navy.

When I fled home, I knew exactly where I will be landing. Macaroons!!!!!

Aren't they cute or what. Scrumptious & a little bundle of joy

Let’s get a bit naughty and do some cheeky shopping. Shall we?

Meanwhile in town centre, joyful rides

I may have outgrown them, but my heart still feels the thrill

Wow, love this time of year. Look at all these beautiful decorations in mall

In Debhanams, at Benefit counter

I posted a picture of this value set a few days ago and everybody suggested that I should go for it. Heard you babes…

Next stop… Claire’s. I was in search of good delicate head band since I cut my hair short bob a couple of months ago. Finally found one

Keeping yourself hydrated is essential. All berries from Boost

Another stop…. TK Maxx, in search of small handy notebook. I found these cute notebooks with interesting quotations but....

bought this one instead.Loved the polka dots inner and sparrows drawing

Gorgeous view of sunset in a park. Isn't it mesmerizing?

Ended my day out with cappuccino and pure Belgian chocolate indulgence.

Christmas lights

When I see lights, my face light up every time like 100 watts bulb.  My inner child is satisfied.

My collective haul of the day, not much for a separate post though.

You may have experienced different weather conditions through out pictures. But hey, this is how UK weather, it changes every hour. Unpredictable.

When I reached home, I was too exhausted for full night time skin routine. But I double cleanse my face.

Do you believe in double cleansing? I do. Especially after long day out, it is a must step before bed or next day I will be welcoming some uninvited guests. You know what I mean, don’t you gorgeous?

So it was the end of my fun day out with me. I hope you enjoyed it as well. Leave your comments below. They mean a lot to me.

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In the memory of my brother