Thursday, 30 October 2014

Launch, Introduction and First Impression of Well Beeing Products

Over a weekend got an invitation from a really sweet guy Ottheman Bellucci from Well-Beeing to attend an event at KUCH KHAS in Islamabad, to check out their newly born 100% natural, suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans, Skincare and Cosmetics range. 

Did somebody say 100% natural? Hmm... Count me in. I am natural and organic Skincare fanatic. I can go anywhere to get my hands on them. As the time passes by I am inclining more and more towards natural products. So attending this event was a must. 

Well-Beeing is a Montreal born natural and hand crafted Skincare and Cosmetics Company, which products are biodegradable and environment friendly. They offer a wide variety of products from lip scrubs to lip tints, from facial cleansers to bath salts and so on. Some products are still in pipeline. 

Well-Beeing products are made of all natural ingredients and essential oils, free from soap, synthetic dyes, parabens and mineral oils which give them edge over other mass produced products. All these qualities made them safe to use without causing any kind of side effects. 

When I reached at the stall, the whole surrounding was full of aromas of different essential oils. Each and every product smells divine that one may want to eat it. The best part is most of their lip products are lickable and safe to eat, making Skincare regime more interesting and tasteful. 

My Well-Beeing:

Bee Glam, Bee Clean, Bee Glitzy
Bee Clean and Be Glam are for oily skin while Bee Glitzy is more for combination skin

Lip Scrub:
Bee Kissed, Bee Happy

Lip Balm:

Lip Tint:
212; It has pearlescent sheen which can be layered on top of any other tint or can be use as a cheek or brow bone highlighter

Bath Salts:
Bee Refreshed

Bee Relieved

First Impression of Bee Clean Facial Cleanser:

Bee Clean is design specifically for oily skin to mattify, brighten and decongestant skin. It is in a solid form, free of water, making the cleanser convenient for travelling and also increasing its shelf life. It also has mild exfoliating properties. It is not grainy though.

I took very small amount, mixed with water to make a paste, cleansed my face and rinsed with water.

My instant thought was, this product really worked. My skin was squeaky clean, refreshed and absolutely matte. Good job. I loved this product on first attempt. It will be too soon to discuss any side effects. If my skin doesn't like anything, it reacts immediately but so far so good.

I recommend trying their products. They have something for everyone.


In the memory of my brother


  1. It was pleasure meeting you.
    N prayers to our brothers!

    1. Pleasure was all mine. And thanks for the prayers

  2. Thanks for sharing the event details and for this detailed post on all products info... Their products sound amazing.. :)

  3. Can't wait to try mine

  4. thanks for the detailed post lovely products <3 check me out dear