Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Eid-Ul-Fitr Mubarak

Hello all my gorgeous,

So Eid is finally here, celebrated/celebrating with all the norms. This is a three days festival of happiness and sweets, which Muslims observe after Ramadan. 

I wish you all a very happy Eid and I hope this Eid brings all the happiness and prosperity in your and your loved one lives. Eid is all about celebrations, family gathering, new cloths, so many accessories, mhendi and of course Eidi. 

As it is religious festival, so it should be celebrated with its true spirit. Eid is all about harmony and peace. All those good deeds which we practiced in Ramadan shall be a part of our lives and shall not be gone with the Ramadan. The whole idea of all that practice is to know what is the real meaning of life and that we know what is the right path to follow for the rest of our days. 

Please don't forget the under privileged who doesn't have anything to celebrate. Be generous and donate what ever you can. Share your Eidi with needy and earn eternal happiness in return. As our Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) said "I and the guardian of orphan will be in paradise like this" indicating his forefinger and middle finger close together.

I wish all your dreams come true and enjoy this Eid to its fullest.

Happy Eid wishes.


  1. Very nice post..yes we should not forget those who are in trouble at such occassions.. Eid mubarik to u too :)

  2. same to you http://shizasblog.blogspot.com