Friday, 23 May 2014

Travel To Pakistan... A Day With Me

Hey Lovelies….

I am off to Pakistan for three months to attend some summer weddings. Want to travel with me? Then let’s board.

Luggage… Check

Handbag… Check. Perfect for holding all my essentials

Flat shoes… Check. In these times, when security is so tight, it is always necessary to minimize the fuss at security points. And flat are the best option but it doesn't mean one can’t wear something fancy.

Was running a bit late at Birmingham airport but still managed to do a little shopping at duty free from Boots.

My long-haul flight skin care routine.

Aircraft cabin air is very dry so keeping yourself hydrated during flight is very necessary

In-flight food…. Mmm. No comments. This yellow gloop is chicken curry… it was tasty though

Even when I turn 50, someday, my obsession with Disney movies will never die. Watching ‘Frozen’ for 'God knows what' times.

A gift from a fellow Englishman. Witty yet factual.

Indication that it's sleeping time.

Trying to sleep here. I have a major problem with in-flight sleeping. I can’t sleep for more than 10 mins. Just ignore the dirty screen

About to reach Dubai. Check out the temperature at such height. One can imagine what will be the ground temperature.

Entering into danger zone. Dubai Duty Free!!

And.... the damage is done.

Chilling time

Taking off. Dubai looks beautiful

These are not happy eyes. These are seriously jet lagged eyes

Final destination

And touched down

This entire hectic journey was worthy enough.

I hope you have enjoyed travelling with me to my home country. I will bring some more ‘a day with me’  post in near future. 



  1. It was such a wonderful journey...really enjoyed reading it. Hope you have great time here :-)

  2. Waoww such a great post semz like travelling with u ;) dubai airport my loveee!!!

  3. Enjoyed the post, welcome to homeland!!!

  4. love ur post .. welcome to Islamabad :)

  5. wow I truly enjoyed the post.The happiness when wheels hit ground is beyond words

    1. Very much true, I can't agree more. I instantly feel butterflies in my stomach :)

  6. Hope you had a great trip! xx

    Shang J. | The Feminine Crusade

  7. That last photo <3. I'll be travelling soon, it feels good to know how it feels like haha!

    1. Hopefully I portrayed your emotions in a correct way....

  8. Great post and beautiful blog! Now, I want to travel too. But it ain't that easy for us Pakistanis, is it?

    1. Travel to Dubai :-) that is pretty much easy

  9. Enjoyed the post Madeeha x :)

  10. Never traveled there before! Looked like fun. I absolutely love air travel :)