Sunday, 4 May 2014

Let's Go Shopping... A Day With Me

Welcome to my blog ladies.

I had to go to John Lewis to buy a Liz Earl eye serum. So I decided to take you people along with me for shopping. Shall we??
In my way to the store, I came across this illusionist. This man was suspended in air, like he was sitting on some kind of invisible chair. It was crazy and hilarious at the same time.

Pretty cool Haan!!! I always love such little perks and acts in town centre. It just makes whole shopping experience a lot more fun.
First stop is definitely Liz Earl aisle in John Lewis. This brand has really impressed me both with the quality of products and the price.

I wanted to buy some good eye serum for summer as my Burt Bees eye cream is a bit heavy and is more appropriate for winters. 

This serum is gel like and absorbs into skin instantly. I have been using it for a couple of days and I really like it. I will do a detail review on it later because it is too soon to give any opinion about its overall performance.

And do I need to talk about this? My all-time favourite.

With Liz Earl, there was an Origins counter and while I was paying for my serum, the Origins lady talked me through to have a mini facial. 

Now I was really sceptical to sit in the chair and have facial in the middle of departmental store. But then I said to myself, what the heck, let’s do it. And the moment I sat in that chair, I instantly realized that this was a bad idea. I was absolutely uncomfortable but tried to stay calm. It was looking hideous. Not recommended by me. Sorry Origins.

I was looking like getting ready for a gorilla war. Too embarrass to put a picture here

But the lady was so nice. She was really helpful and was trying hard to relax me. She also gave me few samples to try out. Let’s see how these products work for me in future but instantly I became spotty. Not cool man, Not cool (as per Blue of Rio saying. I like that little blue bird)

Okay, after this really mental experience I went to Superdrug. And I saw my favourite body wash on sale. Yayyyy….

Don’t judge me, but this happened.

I had to stock it in almost every flavour or fragrance. I am absolutely in love with Original Source body washes and for 99p, it was a bargain not to be missed.

During the shopping, it is important to keep yourself hydrated to not loose energy very fast or you are gonna end up at home, which is not appropriate. One should not leave the therapy session in middle. Iced tea is becoming my favourite drink this summer. Thumbs up for this drink. It is so tasty and yummy. I was so thirsty, that I drank whole bottle in one go. Silly me.

Next stop is Boots.

First thing which caught my eye were Revlon Parfumerie. Scented nail polishes. Say what???
don't get the idea. Why will somebody want to smell their nails now'n'then? But the fragrances were really nice. 

Now let’s move on. My skin is feeling a bit dehydrated now a days. That’s why I decided to give a shot to Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation. It was looking really nice when tried out in Boots. So it went into basket.

There was an offer of 3 for 2 going on in Boots all over cosmetics and accessories. The offer was so tempting for me that I ended up buying quiet few things. Few of them are new and others are Holy Grail, like Loreal True Match face powder. The most amazing face powder I have ever tried.

Another most thrilling product for me was Trilogy Rosehip Oil. I tried the sample of rosehip oil before and I really enjoyed how it felt on my skin. Then the full size was a must buy. Along that I also bought Real Technique Buffing brush.  

Now two of my favourite masks. Sancturay Spa Thermal Detox Charcoal Mask and Time Reversal Face Mask. I absolutely love these masks. You can also get them in full size tube but as I will be travelling soon, they are more convenient to carry. The Time Reversal Mask is my favourite to use in flight to keep skin healthy looking and moisturise. Don’t worry, it is sink-in mask and nobody notice.

Other products I bought,

And not necessary to mention, but, something from my favourite brand

At the end, it was some home-made subs time…Yummm

So this was it. End of my day out/haul post. I hope you have enjoyed a day out with me. Leave your comments below, they mean a lot to me. Good day



  1. Wow I thoroughly enjoyed the post, thanks allot,.its one of the refreshing posts I have ever read :) n very nice picks I must say.

  2. I loved reading your haul post. It was a treat

  3. It felt like I took a tour of the store with you.Enjoyed it :) and oh the subs made me feel hungry :p

  4. woww i so so so love reading ur post .. do review the liner soon <3 :)

  5. Thank you guys for such a lovely words. I hope you also enjoy my future post as well

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