Monday, 14 April 2014

Foundation Tricks To Try | Tip of The Day

Whenever it comes to foundation application, we all struggle to get most out of it for that flawless, emollient and oil free finish. Today I am sharing with you guys two completely opposite tips. One for controlling oil and other for adding more moisture for healthy looking skin.

Tissue Paper Trick for Controlling Oil| Oily Skin:

After Applying foundation, leave it for 5 minutes to sink in. Then take normal facial tissue paper. Tear one ply and lightly press it against face. Do not rub. It will absorb any extra oil in your foundation. Afterwards powder. This is the most common trick most makeup artists practice.

Mixing Oil with Foundation| Dry Skin:

For dry skin, mix a drop of facial oil in foundation for a flawless finish. It will moisture and calm any dry patches or even rosacea. It should be noted that oil won’t mix with water-based foundation. In the case, it is better to add oil in moisturiser and apply it beforehand. Rose oil is considered a better choice for this trick as it is not very greasy.

Do you have any trick in your pocket?



  1. Wow, that is so easy, thanks allot for the tips :)

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