Friday, 3 January 2014

Biggest Regrets of 2013 (Skin care edition)

Hey Lovelies….

I know that I am a bit late in this bandwagon but I really wanted to make sure what should go in this article. Because this is my first blog post of such kind and I don’t want to misguide anyone.
I am not an impulsive shopper, so there are usually very little misses for me. But if I really want to buy something, I do a very deep research.

But somehow, people talked me through to buy these products and they were absolutely rubbish. Reviews are solely based on my personal experience.

Tee Tree Skin Clearing Toner:

Let’s first talk about The Body Shop Tee Tree Skin Clearing Toner. I am a sworn to Clinique girl, but there was a time I wanted to try something a bit less expensive and I ended up buying this. The toner does nothing at all of what it claims. It does not mattify, and doesn't show any noticeable results even after using for several weeks. And if you look in the close up photo below, you will notice that the Salix Alba Bark Extract which sits at the bottom of bottle. Before applying you have to use some really strong muscles to actually mix bark and liquid all together, which is not so convenient.

 It’s a shame because I really like TBS products. I tried a face wash from the same line and it was pretty decent and I will be definitely buying that again. But this is a complete thumb down for me.

Fade Out Original Moisturising Cream:

There are actually youtube videos of people claiming this to be a finest product for hyper pigmentation and blemishes. Instead of going for day cream I went for original moisturising cream, which tended to be more powerful. I seriously gave a lot of chances to this product to show at least some results but in vein. The cream is very greasy, which does not feel very comfortable on skin. Practically, zero results.

No7 Protect & Perfect Serum:

Serums are usually not so cheap items and when you pay, you really want them to stand out. I heard so many good things about No7 serum. So decided to give it a go due to winter season, when my skin a bit on a drier side. Although it has great moisturising properties but defiantly no positive result shown in the appearance of pores, which was my main concern.

There is actually one another product from No7, Beautiful Skin eye make up remover, which I actually returned back because it was horrible for my eyes. It really irritated my eyes.

I hope guys this review was helpful for you. I will again add at this point that the review is totally my personal opinion and you can differ with it.


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  1. Love your honesty girl!
    Its true that if a brand is big it doesnt nean its good :)