Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Mark The Change of Season With Versace Versense!!!

Hello Lovelies....

Today I am going to talk about Versense Eau de Toilette Natural Spray from Versace which is my ultimate favourite perfume for summer. This perfume was introduced by Versace in 2009 and I got it from Dubai duty free in 2010, I believe.

The perfume is enclosed in a refined crystal bottle. The look of the bottle is so luxurious. Bottle is made with the linear shape and decorated with the Medusa logo. The colour of perfume is light green which screams freshness enclosed.

It has strong notes of citric but at the same time floral notes can easily be distinguished. It is very light and springy/summery perfume. Versense fragrance notes are bergamot, green mandarin, fig, sea lily, cardamom, jasmine, cedar, sandal wood, olive wood and musk.

It is perfect fusion of freshness and sensuality. It gives me a very happy sensation and evokes vital energy. For all of you who are looking for not so sweet perfume, this is the ultimate. I personally don't like very sweet fragrances just like used to wear in my teenage, so that's why I always come back to this perfume in summer. I will highly recommend it. 

I hope you enjoy this perfume. Feel free to leave your comment.



  1. Versace is one of the best perfume making company.I really like its products..and this one is simply awesome.Its fragrance comfort the surrounding peoples and attract them towards yourself..thanks for sharing it.it's really cool

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