Monday, 22 July 2013

Fuller, Shiner and Healthy Eyelashes Naturally


Hey Lovelies....

Okay, now this is a really big question that how to get fuller, longer, shinier and stronger eyelashes? Well the answer is very simple. Only one ingredient

Castor Oil… 

…and it is very easily available in every pharmacy and drug store over a counter.

Yes, castor oil is obtained by pressing the castor seeds. The main component of castor oil is Ricinoleic Acid which is anti-inflammatory and also has anti-bacterial properties. This oil can penetrate deeper into skin than any other essential plant oil. This oil has been used for many other purposes but using to get shinier lashes, is very less known.

In winters I usually get dryness at my lash lines, which gives me sometimes bald patches. In this situation castor oil is very handy. I have been using castor oil for my eyelashes for more than 10 years (so, I really know what am I talking about.... :p)

By applying on eyelashes regularly you will see the difference in no time. Eyelash grows faster and also the skin looks healthy.

Now, how to apply it? What you need are:

Castor Oil

A clean mascara wand

Dip the wand in oil and swipe across you eyelashes every night before sleep. Leave it overnight and in the morning just rinse it off.

Isn't that simple.....


Castor oil can sting eyes a little bit if applied too much. So I recommend applying it on tips of lashes and it will slide down to the roots. That's how you will get a controlled amount of oil application.

I hope you enjoy this tip. Please feel free to leave a comment



  1. any recommendations on how to grow out hair and make it thicker?

    1. Hey Farrah, Thanks for dropping some lines. I am working on it and you will see my post very soon. stay bless

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